Legal Socio-Philosophical Aspects for Developing French Public Literature Units

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Natalia Sergeevna Andrianova


The global movement in developed and developing countries to change the educational structure has come with the transformation of societies from traditional societies to knowledge-based societies and taking advantage of new communication conditions. The country's officials have well understood the change in global conditions and the need for change in the country's education system, and this is clearly seen in the approved education documents. Officials are well aware that what is considered value-oriented in a knowledge society is the production of science and knowledge. Smart schools can be considered an educational environment that will enable the realization of a knowledge-based society. Therefore, in this research, the legal issues of this field are discussed. Meanwhile, the laws of educational environments play an important role in the development of the country's literature. Therefore, this article examines the semantic and cognitive analysis of French phraseological units and proverbs to illustrate the anthropocentric nature of these fixed units. The component structure of French phraseological and paroemiological units is represented by somatisms, zoonyms, names of artifacts, and military terms. The formation of the structural and semantic composition of the studied phraseological units and proverbs is explained by the influence of everyday aspects of human life and the areas of the surrounding reality with which it comes into contact. Metaphorization of the components of phraseological units and proverbs leads to the appearance of cultural connotations in these units, positive or negative evaluation. The phraseological world image becomes anthropometric, i.e., it reflects the organization of the surrounding reality according to the system of measures and concepts accessible to human perception.  Special vocabulary (military terms) also creates the subjective direction of the phraseological units being studied. Phraseological units in the military sphere refer to the characteristics of the individual, the interaction of the individual and society, their social status. The semantics of the units being studied primarily reflect the sphere of human experiences, feelings, properties of the human character, appearance, description of facilities created by the person, situations of social interaction, i.e., spheres of reality causing increased emotional value human response.

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