Medical Negligence and Deceptive Medical Practices in Bangladesh Health Segment: an Appraisal

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Md. Aktarul Alam Chowdhury
Md. Hasnath Kabir Fahim


Recently, medical negligence and deceptive medical practices in Bangladesh health sector has become a common episode that received a supreme level of attention from all sectors since the issue poses as the biggest threat endangering right to life of an individual or patient in the society. Though almost every day we come across the news of such medical malpractice and negligence in the public and private hospital and clinic of the country through media, but the factual scenario is more intense than what is manifestly seen. To this context, this paper, however, tries to trace out the diverse nature of medical negligence and deceptive treatment repeatedly committed by the physician, health professionals such as nurse, ward boy and other health assistants against the patients and their attendants in hospitals of the country. This paper further seeks to analyse the existing legal frameworks in connection with the laws and regulations involving medical negligence in Bangladesh. Finally this study also suggests to develop the medical professional conducts and to formulate effective and unique legislation to regulate medical negligence deceptive medical practices in Bangladesh. It is believed that this study will contribute to facilitate advancement of the legal regime of the Medical Negligence and to upgrade the proper enforcement of laws to ensure the right to life by putting an end to medical negligence in very near future.

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Md. Aktarul Alam Chowdhury, & Md. Hasnath Kabir Fahim. (2018). Medical Negligence and Deceptive Medical Practices in Bangladesh Health Segment: an Appraisal. BiLD Law Journal, 3(2), 7–21. Retrieved from