An Analysis on Fire Prevention and Fighting Act, 2003: Dhaka City Perspective

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Md. Nayem Alimul Hyder


Fire Protection and Detection system is an important and essential event in modern life to protect the wealth, life, and other valuable
assets. Previously, people used sand, and bucket of water to kill fire manually. But these techniques are backdated and risky that it could
not work properly in past and in today‟s life. In a developed country no building is designed without building safety code of firefighting. People in under developed countries like Bangladesh safety awareness is increasing rapidly now a day. Presently, more than 11 million people are living in Dhaka City. The development trend of Dhaka is deliberately shifting vertical direction to cope with the extensive population pressure. Nowadays, high rise buildings are being constructed in every part of the city but in most cases the dwellings are being constructed without maintaining the planning rules and regulations. This research tries to explore the existing provisions regarding Fire Service and Civil Defence activities in Dhaka City and to assess people‟s preparedness in case of combating fire accident. Fire hazard vulnerability of Dhaka City dwellers has been increased due to reckless building construction and nonconformities of Fire Protection Act, 2003. Dhaka City has been experiencing many fire accidents at present and in most cases lack of proper precautionary measures along with the institutional inefficiency, insufficient equipment support and lack of public awareness are causing this situation more complex. Existing planning rules and laws are also insufficient to the present context of Dhaka City. As most of the dwellers do not know how to use the firefighting equipment, in most cases all the precautionary measures for combating fire generally go in vain. Therefore, institutional reforms, strengthening of capacity at individual and institutional level are needed in order to reduce fire hazard risks of Dhaka City.

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