Capricious Infringements of Students’ Rights at Educational Institutions in Bangladesh

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Abu Shofiun Mohammad Taj Uddin
Mahmudus Samad Maruf


Students are the future leader of a country who need a free and favourable environment for their study. Bangladesh is a developing
and Muslim majority country having a prejudicial atmosphere in the social structure. There are also people from different religions and
people of all religions and classes respect a teacher as a builder of a nation. These social engineers have been involving in some crimes
known as White Collar Crimes polluting their professions. Infringement of student‟s right by a teacher is a common phenomenon in our country but it remains dormant as nobody discloses this fact and claim Justice. The study has tried to show what is white collar crime; American sociologist Edwin Hardin Sutherland‟s view regarding white collar crimes; Who are teachers, what are their duties, what are their characters; trust of parents to a teacher; how they have been violating their duties; what types of crimes they are committing; Either there is any law in our country regarding the teaching system or not; International perspective of law relating to teaching profession; opinion of some famous teachers and persons of the country and after all, what types of actions can be taken for preventing the crime in teaching profession in Bangladesh.

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Abu Shofiun Mohammad Taj Uddin, & Mahmudus Samad Maruf. (2021). Capricious Infringements of Students’ Rights at Educational Institutions in Bangladesh. BiLD Law Journal, 2(1), 49–70. Retrieved from