Prosecutorial Oversight of the Right to Education as a Social Human Right

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Rezeda Gazinurovna Khayrullina
Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Ageev
Darya Evgenyevna Gapeenok
Marat Minefaytovich Shamsutdinov


In the contemporary period of society development, prosecutor's office has a planned mission in implementation and guaranteed protection of freedoms and rights of a citizen and man. One of the actual directions of the specified activity according to the classics is supervision of observance of social freedoms and rights of the person and the citizen among which the right to education is fixed. A large number of citizens defend their violated rights, as practice shows, in the supervisory bodies - the prosecutor's office. In some cases they manage to avoid protracted and in some cases expensive legal proceedings to protect their rights. The actions conducted by prosecution bodies in the form of a comprehensive oversight mechanism primarily contributes to the restoration of violated freedoms and rights, as well as counteracting illegal activities of public authorities and local self-government.


The office of prosecutor in the exercise of its direct functions protects the violated rights, freedoms, interests not only of an individual, but timely eliminates violations relating to the rights, freedoms, and interests of a large number of citizens. Important and rather serious investigations into the conformity of the implemented right to education as a social right with the norms of law were performed in the 1990s, which is explained by the establishment of a large volume of specific human and civil freedoms and rights in the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Difficulties in the implementation of supervisory activities by the office of prosecutor in matters of compliance with the right to education, provided for in the basic law of the state, are evident now as well.

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Khayrullina, R. G. ., Ageev, V. N. ., Gapeenok, D. E. ., & Shamsutdinov, M. M. . (2022). Prosecutorial Oversight of the Right to Education as a Social Human Right. BiLD Law Journal, 7(3s), 05–08. Retrieved from

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