Legal Activities of the Prosecutor's Office on Issues of Ensuring the Economic Security

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Rezeda Gazinurovna Khayrullina
Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Ageev
Natalia V. Kurkina
Marat Minefaytovich Shamsutdinov
Irina Akhsanovna Akhmadullina


In terms of law, monitoring how laws are put into practice is the prosecutor's office's primary responsibility. The prosecutor's office performs a complex function that covers a wide range of legal relationships that are governed by law: monitoring the application of laws. In order to prevent violations of the law and the conditions that lead to them, restore rights that have been violated, and bring offenders to justice, prosecutorial supervision involves monitoring the legality of decisions made by officials of the government and administration, businesses, and organizations that have an impact on the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, society, and the state. The goals of the prosecutor's office's activities are legally mandated standards that define and describe the nature of the Russian Federation's prosecutor's office's law enforcement operations. The meaning, essence, and foundation of the Prosecutor's Office's activities are to supervise the application of laws, making it the only state agency to do so. Since there isn't another entity like it, there isn't a structure that could take over the responsibilities of the prosecutor's office's supervision. It follows that the prosecutor's office's supervisory role needs to be both strengthened and preserved. The specifics of the prosecutor's office's operations are best expressed by the supervision function. The execution of all other prosecutor's office functions is significantly impacted by this role because it is the driving and decisive one. As a specific supervisory body, the Russian Federation's prosecutor's office carries out a number of tasks to guarantee the state's and businesses' financial security. In the Russian Federation's economy, the prosecutor's office has a specific function and standing.

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Khayrullina, R. G., Ageev, V. N. ., Kurkina, N. V. ., Shamsutdinov, M. M. ., & Akhmadullina, I. A. . (2022). Legal Activities of the Prosecutor’s Office on Issues of Ensuring the Economic Security . BiLD Law Journal, 7(4s), 471–475. Retrieved from (Original work published January 4, 2023)

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